Day 5 – Butterfly Doors

Whilst visiting Seattle my friend Adina and I noticed a green car driving by with butterfly doors. (With the butterfly doors stun stuntin is a habit put it in the air).

These are useful because:

1)   If you need to use the washroom urgently and can’t wait to stop, open your door and exit, you can alternately make a rolling jump out of the open butterfly door without having to worry about banging into a regular car door and making a fool of yourself.

2)   If there is a bad smell in the car from not making it to the washroom you can drive around with your doors open to air out the car (I am not mentioning any names Max). Butterfly doors allow double the amount of air inflow as windows.

I thank all of you who have and make songs about butterfly doors. Please send me some photos of your butterfly doors as I didn’t get a chance to take one in Seattle as a fight broke out a block away and we fled for our safety.



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