Day 4 – Me new sooze

I had very strict criteria for buying new runners which I use namely to walk Max. The criteria were:

1)   Must repel water

2)   Must be a colour that won’t get dirty easily (ie. Not white)

3)   Must be easy to put on and take off quickly

4)   Have decent grip

(I walk Max in super muddy/wet/awesome conditions and have fallen backwards down a hill into the mud once).

I therefore bought these white, non-water proof, ‘have to tie up or you will fall over’, no grip, converse all stars. BUT the answer to your question is YES, yes they do have superheroes on them. Shoes with Superheroes. BRILLIANT. Converse I salute you for your beautiful creations. I wear your shoes with pride.



2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Me new sooze

  1. Practical as always 😉
    Love your blog so far lady – I have a few stories to add to Sarah’s cat-peeing-on-bed if you would like, although they involve a dog named Zoe, a certain amount of vomit, a carpet, my bedding and the hours between 3-4am.

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