Day 2 – “Is that a flower or a bird” flower

A flower that looks like a flower…….. and a bird. Really? Freaking awesome. If I was a flower, I would be this one. And if I was a bird, I would totally stand near this flower to mess with people. Bird-flower you are awesome! P.S. Anyone who knows the name of this beautiful creation pls. contact me asap!


5 thoughts on “Day 2 – “Is that a flower or a bird” flower

  1. My cat peed on my bed and I was disgusted but I am grateful he did not pee all over the entire bed and pillows!! My cat does not do yoga but this morning he begged for food and he looke just like puss in boots. I really like your blog or pogs and all that.

    • Ha so this flower is actually called Bird of Paradise I thought you were joking! My friend Annabelle sent me a picture of the flower and description from England. Celeste I apologize for my lack of integrity in this matter. I appreciate your genuine contribution to my blog and hope we can move on from this…

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