Day 195 – Today I am grateful for the alarm clock that improves your sleep!

Sleep Cycle App, improve your sleep, alarm

Holy moly. This app is cray! If you have an iPhone download the Sleep Cycle App. It wakes you up gently at a time when you are in your lightest sleep phase. This way you feel better rested, jump out of bed like Mary Poppins, and are ready to take on the day.

I thought it was a major gimmick at first, but I have to say, it really works! And at $1.99 it’s a major bargain.

Day 188 – Today I am grateful for the faces people make when they run

When I used to run I would smile and make a face like this:

Mr Bean

When a three year old on a tricycle passed me, I realized I am able to do this because I run very slowly.

I then looked at other runners and realized you are supposed to make a face like this if you are running at a decent speed:

Will ferrell running

I now like to switch between the two.